ACBL Canadian Bridge Fedaration

2013 Edie Bonnell Trophy Race Standings following Evergreen Sectional

With one sectional to go, defending champ Julie Smith leads by almost four points

The Edie Bonnell Trophy (and six free plays for open sectionals in the next calendar year) is won by the woman who wins the most points at Unit 430's open sectionals in a calendar year.  The defending champion is Julie Smith.

Wild finish creates a tie at the top!
  Rank   PlayerMasterpoints
1Julie Smith, Vancouver BC 54.66
2Susan Peters, Vancouver BC 50.74
3Kathy Adachi, Surrey BC 34.62
4Monica Angus, West Vancouver BC 30.11
5Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC 22.53
6Katrin Litwin, Burnaby BC 20.46
7Rhoda Tafler, Richmond BC 18.71
8Trudy Hurdle, Richmond BC 18.65
9Anne Scott, North Vancouver BC 17.17
10Jo-Anne Modesto, Coquitlam BC 17.12
11Gay Parrish, Bellingham WA 15.47
12Debbie Martignago, Pitt Meadows BC 15.00
13Vicki Moffatt, Surrey BC 14.59
14Leatha Dudra, Surrey BC 14.36
15Jane Skinner, North Vancouver BC 13.38
16Yue Su, Vancouver BC 12.31
17Donna-Faye Madhosingh, Vancouver BC 11.62
18Karin Phillips, Mission BC 11.54
19Isabel Chernoff, Surrey BC 10.54
20Isabelle Anderson, Burnaby BC 10.26
21Diane Ayukawa, Delta BC 10.26
22Dee Steil, New Westminster BC 10.19
23Shelley Burns, N Vancouver BC 9.99
24Diana Jing, New Westminster BC 9.94
25Myra Johnston, North Vancouver BC 9.73
26Aban Gerrie, Richmond BC 9.10
27Adelina Wong-Chor, Vancouver BC 9.09
28June Pocock, New Westminster BC 8.89
29Dianne Isfeld, Coquitlam BC 8.80
30Eve Jensen, Abbotsford BC 8.55

466 different players have won 2795.98 masterpoints in the first three open sectionals of 2013.