ACBL Canadian Bridge Fedaration

ACBL Unit 430 Subsidy Policy

Last amended October 2013.

The purposes of Unit 430’s subsidy part are:

The amount of money in each fund will be made public in the Matchpointer and on the Unit Web Page as soon as it is known, and the amounts payable will also be published after all recipients have been identified. There will also be a limit (initially $400 for all events, but subject to annual review) to the amounts payable to any one individual for each attendance at the Canadian Bridge Championships, the NAP National Finals, and the GNT National Finals.

The objective is to encourage players to participate in national finals when they are able to do so, either by qualifying through District Finals (NAP and GNT events) or be entering one or more major CBF team events at the Canadian Bridge Championships.

1.      Subsidy Funds:

Unit 430 will establish a General Subsidy Fund plus specific event subsidy funds for:

a)      the North American Pairs (NAP) – the NAP Subsidy Fund.
b)      the Grand National Teams (GNT) – the GNT Subsidy Fund.
c)      The Canadian Bridge Championship Teams events – the CBC Subsidy Fund, and
d)      Participation in international bridge tournaments following selection to represent Canada by the Canadian Bridge Federation – the International subsidy Fund.

2.      Subsidy Fund Management:

Except for amounts paid from the International Subsidy Fund and the NAP Subsidy Fund, subsidies for an event are limited to the amount in that event’s Subsidy Fund when the national final of the event begins. The general and specific subsidy funds are handled under these rules.

a) After July 15 of each year, once the Unit finances from the previous year are finalize, the General Subsidy Fund will be credited with:
i.        the net proceeds of the previous year’s IMP league;
ii.       the net proceeds of the previous fiscal year’s sale of Entertainment Books, and
iii.      any amounts donated to or raised specifically for the General Subsidy Fund, including 50-50 draws at Sectional Tournaments.

b) As soon as possible following July 15, the Unit Board may elect to make a donation from general Unit funds to the General Subsidy Fund. Following the Meeting of the Unit Board at which this action is taken, the Unit Treasurer will redistribute the money in the General Subsidy Fund and specific event subsidy funds as follows:

i.       for each of the four event subsidy funds (the GNT Subsidy Fund, the NAP Subsidy Fund, the CBC Subsidy Fund and the International Subsidy Fund), the Unit Treasurer shall determine if a balance remains in that Subsidy Fund at the end of the preceding fiscal year;
ii.       for the GNT Subsidy Fund, the NAP Subsidy Fund, and the CBC Subsidy Fund, if the full balance in that event's Subsidy Fund has not been paid, the remaining balance shall be returned to the General Subsidy Fund, and then:
iii.      the total amount in the General Subsidy Fund shall be allocated to the four event-subsidy funds as follows: GNT 20%; NAP 20%; CBC 50%; and International, 10%;
iv.      finally, any money received or donated for a specific event but held for the following year will be added to that event's Subsidy Fund.

c) The Unit Board may adjust the cap of $400 on individual subsidies for CBF, NAP, GNT and international events separately, but this must be done following the end of the prior year's National Final, before the current year's recipients are known.

d) Funds received by the Unit from the CBF, ACBL, or from any fundraising event not sponsored by the Unit, intended for the General Subsidy Fund or the specific subsidy funds for an event or events, shall be immediately transferred to the subsidy fund for the intended event or events, in the proportions intended by the donor.

e) Accumulation of funds for each event stops once the National Final for that event begins. Any extra funds received for the event thereafter are held until July 15 and are added to the following year's fund.

f) Subsidies paid from the NAP Subsidy Fund are set out in 5(b) and depend on the recipient's order of placement in the District Final.

g) The International Subsidy Fund may carry a negative balance of up to $300, to be covered in subsequent years when fewer players qualify for a subsidy. Should the International Subsidy Fund have a negative balance of greater than $300, the Unit Board may elect either to reduce the payments to all eligible recipients in that year by the same amount, so that the negative balance does not exceed $300, or may elect to suspend the payment of subsidies for international travel until a positive balance exists.

3. Eligibility for Subsidies

a) To be eligible for a subsidy, a player must be a paid-up member of the ACBL (including Life Master Service Fees) and a member of Unit 430. The responsibility for establishing membership in Unit 430, or establishing that dues have been paid, rests with the player.

b) To be eligible for a subsidy from the CBD Subsidy Fund, a player must also be a paid-up member of the CBF.

c) A player must actually play in (and , if necessary, qualify for) the National Final of the event to be eligible for a subsidy (see 5A).

4. Applying for a Subsidy

a) Players eligible for a subsidy must apply by notifying the Unit Treasurer or President. In most cases, the Treasurer will contact players eligible for subsidies once the entries for the national finals of each event are finalized by the CBF or by ACBL District 19. If a player is missed due to an error by the Unit Officer responsible, the deadline for applying is four weeks after the end of the event.

b) The maximum subsidy a player can receive is never higher than:
i.      that player's equal share of the card fees to play in the National Final,
ii.      plus that player's travel expenses (the lower of the actual amount paid and an amount which would permit direct travel to the tournament site by the least expensive air flights) to the tournament site,
iii.      plus that player's accommodation expenses (at the lower of the actual amount paid and one half the double room rate at the host hotel) for the scheduled length of the national event plus one night,
iv.      minus the player's portion of any subsidies received from the ACBL, District 19, or the CBF.

The Unit Treasurer may ask eligible players to provide information on outside subsidies received and costs of travel, accommodation and card fees. No advance subsidy payments will be provided. Payment will be made four weeks after the final to ensure that all qualified players have time to apply.

5. Payment of Subsidies

a) A player who does not play in or is disqualified from the National Final loses his or her eligibility for subsidy for that event. A player unable to play in the National Final through no fault of his or her own may be considered for a subsidy depending on the circumstances, but only for expenses actually incurred.

b) The initial amount payable to each player eligible for a subsidy from the NAP Subsidy Fund shall be determined, based on the player's placement in the NAP District Final. The pair finishing first in their strat shall receive 1/6 of the fund; the pair finishing second in their strat shall receive 2/6 of the fund, and the pair finishing third in their strat shall receive 3/6 of the fund.

c) The initial amount payable to each player eligible for a subsidy from the GNT Subsidy Fund is determined by dividing the total amount in the GNT Subsidy Fund by the number of eligible players. For a six man team, the team will be considered to have only four players.

d) Each player who plays in one or more of the Canadian Bridge Championship team events will be eligible to receive a subsidy. The initial amount payable to each player eligible for a subsidy from the CBC Subsidy Fund shall be determined as follows: for the players who play in the National Final of the CNTC, A event, an initial amount of $25 shall be paid to partially compensate for the greater card fees in that event. After these amounts are deducted from the balance of the CBC Subsidy Fund, the remaining balance shall be divided equally between all players who participate in one of the CNTC - A, CNTC -B, CNTC -C, Seniors Teams, and CWTC events.

e) A cap of $400 is set on individual subsidies and may be adjusted by the Unit annually, prior to the National Final for each event.

6. Disputes

In the event of a dispute about the interpretation of these rules, the Unit Board's decision is final.