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Mentor-Mentee Game this Saturday - UPDATE: We are still looking for a few more mentors (who can sign up here, but best to contact directly Kathryn Shannon at or Maryellen Gallo at It's going to be a great game!

Please arrive a half hour early (11:30 am), so you have time to go over your card with your Mentor or Mentee, and it's valuable if the Mentor can spend a few minutes after the game going over 1 or 2 things the Mentee might think about for the future.

Scores will be posted here right after the game. And, as a special treat, McBruce has prepared comments on the hands that will be available also right after the game concludes. Click here for a sample of what is to come! Hand analysis was provided for a couple of games in 2013, and was immensely valuable.
But it takes a ton of work, so many thanks to McBruce for putting this together!

Monthly Unit Game: The next MUG (Pairs) is Saturday, May 7th.

Spring Sectional: The Spring Sectional is May 20-23 at the Queensborough Comunity Centre in New Westminster.
Here's the flyer. Mark your calendars!
And, the Partnership Desk is now open.


2015 Mini-Richmond Winners: Congratulations to the 2015 Mini-Richmond winners!

The Mini-Richmond awards were introduced in 2012. The awards recognize CBF members who won the most masterpoints in the calendar year in each of the masterpoint categories, up to and including Diamond Life Master (5,000-7,500 MP). Each category winner in each of the six CBF zones receives a special pin. In addition, overall national winners receive a certificate recognizing their achievement.

The Canada Wide winner was Daniel Korbel! Daniel won 2372.20 masterpoints in 2015.

Here in Unit 430, we have 2 of the Canada wide winners! Congratulations to:

Sidney Yang (0-5)
Yen Karro (5-20)

Unit 430 is in Zone VI and a number of Unit 430 players distinguished themselves as Zone winners! Congratulations to:

James Harris (20-50)
Tom Anderson (200-300)
Shelley Burns (500-1000)
Jane Youngberg (1000-2500)
Susan Peters (2500-5000)

Here are the Canada wide results.


IMP League: For IMP League results, click on the IMP League menu at the top of this page.

For New/Intermediate Players: The page for New and Intermediate Players has links to teachers, lessons and games suitable for newer players. Plus helpful articles!

Historical Information Added to the Website: We now have a history available on the Unit Website. This is still a work in progress, but you can access the links under "Trophy Races" at the top of the page, or check here for: past trophy winners, and a guide to when trophy events are played. We've also added a list of past presidents of the Unit and, if you're interested, minutes for board meetings and annual general meetings going back to 2013.


Tournament and Game Results:

Mentor Mentee Game February 20th, 2106 Here are the results from the MM game.

Trophy Sectional, January 29-31, 2016: Here are the results from the Trophy Sectional.


Zero Tolerance: The Unit 430 Board is concerned that not all players are aware of their responsibilities (both in terms of ethics in play, and also the importance of respect to partner and other players) and would like all members to read this article by Peter Morse, President of Unit 430, concerning Zero Tolerance.


Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs 2016: Current standings for District 19 and for Unit 430.

Mini-McKenney 2016: Current standings for District 19 and for Unit 430.

(ACBL updates the current information on the 6th of each month -- usually later in the day.)


Club Results:

More club results (and often hand records) can be found at "ACBL Club Game Results"

Planning your future games and tournaments? Here's a listing of events locally and regionally for April and May.

April 2016 Event Calendar
May 2016 Event Calendar