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Future Stars Sectional: Thanks to everyone for making the Future Stars Sectional such a great success! See below for results.

Spring Sectional: The Spring Sectional is May 15-18, 2015. Check the flyer for details. Please note an error in the printed flyer: the buffet luncheon is included with the Monday entry, NOT the Sunday entry.

Mentor/Mentee Game: The next Mentor/Mentee Game is on May 9th. Registration will be open soon.

Monthly Unit Game: The next MUG is a pairs game, on Saturday, April 4th at 7 pm.
For New/Intermediate Players: Check out the page for New and Intermediate Players (click here or the tab at the bottom of this page). Links to teachers, lessons and games suitable for newer players. Plus helpful articles!
CBF New Website: The Canadian Bridge Federation has revamped it's website. Click here for more information. Click on the CBF logo at the top right of this page to access the new website directly. What is the CBF? Find out here.

Looking for a Partner for games in the lower mainland?:

Partnership Desk: Unit 430 does its best to arrange partnerships for tournaments, and we are, on an experimental basis, going to make those facilities available for bridge players looking to find a regular partner in local club games. If you need a partner, please contact Frances Corney,, 604-266-6885. Frances will maintain a list and try to match you with with a suitable partner. We're just starting this up, so have patience!


Tournament and Game Results:

Future Stars Sectional (March 21-22, 2015): Results from the FS Sectional are here.

Mentor-Mentee Game (January 31st, 2015): Results for the Mentor-Mentee Game are here.

Unit 430 Trophies:: The winners of the Unit 430 Trophies for 2014 were announced at the Trophy Sectional.


Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs 2015: Current standings for District 19 and for Unit 430.
Final totals for 2014 for District 19 and for Unit 430.

Mini-McKenney 2015: Current standings for District 19 and for Unit 430.
Final totals for 2014 for District 19 and for Unit 430.

(ACBL updates the current information on the 6th of each month -- usually later in the day.)

Club Results:

More club results (and often hand records) can be found at "ACBL Club Game Results"

Planning your future games and tournaments? Here's a listing of events locally and regionally for March and April.

March 2015 Event Calendar
April 2015 Event