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Special Bridge Game Benefit for Girls' Education in Kenya - November 28th: a silent auction (starting at 11 am), with Prosecco and snacks, followed by a game at 12:30 pm (at the Vancouver Bridge Centre). Proceeds go to the Kenya Foundation to Aid Children Through Education. Partners available. For more information, contact Marguerite Chiarenza.

Vancouver Unit 430 199er Sectional - December 5th: the 199er Sectional is less than 2 weeks away. Sign-ups have been great, but there is still time to register if you want to play. (Check out the partnership desk if you need a partner and the flyer for more information).

Monthly Unit Game: The next MUG (Pairs) is Saturday, Dec. 5.

Mentor-Mentee Game November 21st, 2015: It was another wonderful event! Many thanks to all of the volunteers whose hard work made it happen, to the mentors for sharing their experience (and, most definitely, for their patience), and to all of the mentees who took part wanting to better their game. Feedback very welcome on what we can be doing to improve future M-M games (e-mail Tom with comments and suggestions). See below for results.


Trophy Winners for 2015:

Final results for 3 of the 5 trophies awarded by Unit 430 each year are now available:

Winner of the Phil Wood Trophy (most masterpoints in a calendar year by a player in Unit 430 Sectionals): Doug Hansford (104.78 masterpoints)

Winner of the Edie Bonnell Trophy (most masterpoints in a calendar year by a female player in Unit 430 Sectionals): Susan Peters (68.33 masterpoints)

Winner of the Phil Wood Under 200 Trophy (most masterpoints in a calender year by a player in Unit 430 events starting the year with less than 200 masterpoints): Sidney Yang. (28 masterpoints)

Congratulations to all trophy winners!

Trophies will be awarded at the Trophy Sectional (January 29-31, 2016).

Still two trophies in contention:

Vancouver Unit 430 Annual Trophy Race (awarded to the player winning the most masterpoints in the monthly unit games in a calendar year), and

Rocket Rookie Race Award (most masterpoints in Unit 430 events by a non-life master playing (mostly) with other non-Life Masters in a calendar year).

Here is the final 2015 list of masterpoint winners in Unit 430 Sectionals.


IMP League: Check out the beautiful new grids for displaying the IMP League results that Brad Bart has put together! (Click on the IMP League menu at the top of this page). Matchpointer: Here is the Autumn 2015 Matchpointer.

For New/Intermediate Players: Check out the page for New and Intermediate Players (click
here or the tab at the bottom of this page). Links to teachers, lessons and games suitable for newer players. Plus helpful articles!

Historical Information Added to the Website: Unit Board President Peter Morse has been busy compiling lists of winners of the various trophies and we now have a history available on the Unit Website, thanks to the further efforts of UB Member John Teschke. This is still a work in progress, but you can access the links under "Trophy Races" at the top of the page, or check here for: past trophy winners, and a guide to when trophy events are played.

The earliest record we have is 1968 for the Phil Wood Trophy. There are still a few pieces of missing data; if you can help complete the information, please reply to one of the Unit Board Members.

Unit Information Added to the Website: We've also added a list of past presidents of the Unit and, if you're interested, minutes for board meetings and annual general meetings going back to 2013.


Attention Club Owners - Distribution of The Matchpointer: publication of the Matchpointer is usually coordinated with our Sectionals.
We'd like to experiment with distributing copies at the sectional.

If you are a club owner and want copies of the Matchpointer for your members, please contact Tom and let him know how many copies you need. We'll package those up for you and have them available for pick up. (The next publication of the Matchpointer is scheduled for the Trophy Sectional in January, 2016.)


Tournament and Game Results:

Mentor-Mentee Game, Nov. 21, 2015: Here are the results.

Round-Up Sectional (Nov 6-8, 2015): Here are results for the Round-Up Sectional.

Future Stars (Oct. 24-5, 2015: Here are the results for the Future Stars Sectional.

Evergreen Sectional (Sept 4-6, 2015): Here are the
results for the Evergreen Sectional.


Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs 2015: Current standings for
District 19 and for Unit 430.

Mini-McKenney 2015: Current standings for District 19 and for Unit 430.

(ACBL updates the current information on the 6th of each month -- usually later in the day.) ________________________________________________________________________________________

Club Results:

More club results (and often hand records) can be found at "ACBL Club Game Results"

Planning your future games and tournaments? Here's a listing of events locally and regionally for November and December.

November 2015 Event Calendar
December 2015 Event Calendar