ACBL Canadian Bridge Fedaration

Lessons and Supervised Play


  • Jane Youngberg & John Demeulemeester
    Beginner and improving player lessons Thursday - ongoing
    Duplicate Lite in Surrey



  • Bridge Lessons at the West Vancouver Senior Activity Centre, and
    Bridge Lessons and Supervised Duplicate at the Gleneagles Community Centre . Search the Find Program Page (subcategory 'bridge') for bridge instruction from Cia Van Horne, Brian Stone and Stephen Beaton.

  • Shelley's Bridge Club:Drop-in and lesson series available

    Lessons run Jan to Apr, Sep to Dec - check Calendar.
    CURRENTLY (Fall, 2016)

    Mon 7:00 INTERMEDIATE - More on Conventions
    Tues 1:00 Mixed ACBL Duplicate (Oct to Mar)
    Wed 7:00 ACBL Duplicate or Supervised Bridge (Year-round)
    Thurs 1:00 & 7:00 BEGINNER - Foundations of Bidding
    Contact: Shelley Burns,, (604) 988-0990
    Calendar of Lessons and Games.

Games suitable for new players

Useful Articles and Resources