ACBL Canadian Bridge Fedaration

2013 Monthly Unit Game Masterpoint Race

2013 Standings After Game 8 of 11 — Leaders: Eric Pan/David Yu (tied for A and B lead), David Yu (C leader, prize would go to Yue Su if awarded now).

How the MUG race works: The top player in the standings gets his or her name on the MUG trophy, and free plays to all of the MUGs in the following calendar year.  The top player in Flight B (under 2000), and Flight C (u0nder 750) both receive six free plays for MUGs in the following calendar year.  Nobody is allowed to win more than one prize; if a player wins in multiple flights, the lower prize(s) go to the next highest eligible player.  Everyone competes in the race(s) that he or she was eligible for on January 1, even after accumulating enough masterpoints since to move up a strat.  The 2012 prize winners were: Baixiang (Brian) Liu (Flight A winner, by just 0.04 points over Larry Pocock!); Eric Pan (second to Baixiang Liu in Flight B), and Ron Kuiper (Flight C winner).

Game Results: posted shortly after the game at the Bridge Results website.  (Select "Unit 430 Sectionals & Events".)

Remaining Games in 2013:

The December game will be a two-session pairs game (single session entries accepted) to decide the Monthly Unit Game race.

Current standings in the 2013 race:

Flight A
over 2000 MP
Flight B
750-2000 MP
Flight C
under 750 MP


1 1 Eric Pan 15.31
1 1 1David Yu 15.31
3 Jack Lee 13.60
4 Larry Pocock 12.02
5 Dianne Isfeld 10.90
6 Steve Vincent 10.31
7 3 Kai Zhou 10.14
8 4 2Yue Su 7.90
9 5 Baixiang Liu 7.77
10 Michael Dimich 7.43
11 6 Kenneth Ramsay 7.39
12 Trudy Hurdle 6.71
12 John Hurdle 6.71
14 7 3Andrew Krywaniuk 6.14
15 Joerg Schneider 6.05
16 8 Gustav Axen 5.96
16 Dee Steil 5.96
18 9 Susan Peters 5.82
19 Kathy Adachi 5.80
20 Martin Henneberger 5.77
21 Peter Morse 5.46
22 Rock Shi Yan 5.40
23 June Pocock 5.11
2410 4Kelvin Raywood 4.86
2511 5Ronald Kuiper 4.84
12 6Yuandong Ren 4.78
13 Andrew Nalos 4.40
14 7Diana Jing 4.36
15 Zoran Peca 4.17
8Eda Kadar 3.86
9Kathryn Shannon 2.53
10Roy Li 2.16
11Barbara Roche 1.52
11Virginia Forrester 1.52
11Amy Gao 1.52
11Evan Zhuang 1.52
15James Wu 1.21

349.70 masterpoints have been won by 112 different players in the first nine Monthly Unit Games of 2013.

Six people have played in all nine games: Ken Lochang, Eric Pan, Larry Pocock, Ken Ramsay, Joerg Schneider, and David Yu.  Two have played in eight out of nine: Mike Dimich and Dianne Isfeld.  Nine more have played seven of nine: Diana Jing, Gilbert Lambert, Jack Lee, Anita Morse, Peter Morse, Zoran Peca, June Pocock, Nick Stock, and Kai Zhou.  Nine more have played six of nine, thirteen more have played five of nine.  Thanks for your great support!
Note that Sectional tournaments, the IMP League, the Ev Hodge Charity Classic and the quarterly Saturday Afternoon Mentor-Mentee Team Games, while run under a Unit Championship sanction, are NOT part of the Monthly Unit Game masterpoint race.  Players in the strat A race are listed to #25 and ties, in strat B and C to #15 and ties; but are not listed beyond those ranks (even though they may have more points than listed players in a lower strat).