ACBL Canadian Bridge Fedaration

2013 Phil Wood Trophy Race Standings following Evergreen Sectional

With one sectional to go, Brad Bart has a commanding lead!

The Phil Wood Trophy (and free plays for all of the open sectionals in the next calendar year) is won by the player who wins the most points at Unit 430 open sectionals.  The defending champions are Julie Smith and Peter Cooper, who won 76.69 points in 2012.  The final sectional of the year has some potential drama, as the North American Pairs District Final (which does NOT count towards the Phil Wood) is concurrent, taking away Saturday's events for Flight A and Flight C players, and taking away Sunday's two-session pairs game for Flight B players.

There is also a Leo Steil Trophy for the top senior player on the list, but rather than having the point tabulator go around and ask for birth certificates (to be eligible this year you must have been born in 1947 or earlier), we simply print the list and the requirements and give the trophy to the top applicant.

  Rank   PlayerMasterpoints
1Brad Bart, Burnaby BC 67.22
2Julie Smith, Vancouver BC 54.66
3Susan Peters, Vancouver BC 50.74
4Steve Vincent, Burnaby BC 46.68
5Michael Dimich, Burnaby BC 39.02
6Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC 37.38
7Kathy Adachi, Surrey BC 34.62
8Laurence Betts, Burnaby BC 33.18
9Andrew Krywaniuk, Vancouver BC 31.28
10Michael Yuen, Vancouver BC 31.19
11Kenneth Ramsay, West Vancouver BC 31.08
12Monica Angus, West Vancouver BC 30.11
13Rock Shi Yan, Richmond BC 29.84
14Les Fouks, Vancouver BC 28.08
15Jack Lee, Richmond BC 27.74
16Ben Takemori, Burnaby BC 25.93
17John Bryden, Vancouver BC 23.59
18Baixiang Liu, Burnaby BC 23.17
19James Wu, Surrey BC 23.14
20Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC 22.53
21Larry Pocock, New Westminster BC 21.52
22Gerry McCully, Victoria BC 21.49
23Dan Watson, Burnaby BC 21.46
24Aidan Ballantyne, Burnaby BC 21.38
25Sid Segal, Vancouver BC 21.01
26Katrin Litwin, Burnaby BC 20.46
27William Ge, Burnaby BC 20.13
28Vincent Yung, Vancouver BC 19.97
29Rhoda Tafler, Richmond BC 18.71
30Trudy Hurdle, Richmond BC 18.65
30John Hurdle, Richmond BC 18.65
32Ping Ding, Kamloops BC 18.38
33Roy Li, Burnaby BC 17.85
34Long Xie, Burnaby BC 17.83
35Robin Chan, Vancouver BC 17.62
36Yuandong Ren, Burnaby BC 17.56
37Anne Scott, North Vancouver BC 17.17
38Jo-Anne Modesto, Coquitlam BC 17.12
39Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC 16.69
40David Huang, Burnaby BC 16.67
41Sherman Kwan, Richmond BC 16.63
42Alex Chuang, Burnaby BC 15.92
43Peter Cooper, Vancouver BC 15.82
44Barry Yamanouchi, Burnaby BC 15.73
44Nigel Fullbrook, N Delta BC 15.73
46Tanweer Saqalan, Vancouver BC 15.58
47Xiangdong Meng, Surrey BC 15.53
48Gay Parrish, Bellingham WA 15.47
48Jay Brandt, Bellingham WA 15.47
50Debbie Martignago, Pitt Meadows BC 15.00

466 different players have won 2795.98 masterpoints in the first three open sectionals of 2013.