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Rocket Rookie Race

The Rocket Rookie Race

Unit 430's latest masterpoint race, geared toward newer players.

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Quick Summary: The Rocket Rookie is a new masterpoint race which was run for the first time in 2012.  Many events are covered, from sectionals to Unit Games, but all RRR-eligible events are limited events.  Masterpoints won in these events, only by non-Life Masters playing with other non-Life Masters, count towards the race.  There are a few exceptions and lots of details, so past the current standings we have placed the complete rules.


Current 2013 Rocket Rookie Race Leaders (as of September 15)

1.15.98 John Maunsell, Vancouver BC
2.14.49 David Butler, Vancouver BC
3.14.49 Alex Roman, Burnaby BC
4.13.47 Nita Dalal, Vancouver BC
5.12.04 Bill Matheson, Richmond BC
6.10.55 Jan Mason, Surrey BC
7.9.87 Debbie Martignago, Pitt Meadows BC
8.9.85 Ted Moens, Delta BC
9.8.32 Judy Chang, Vancouver BC
10.8.18 Nathan Moens, Surrey BC
11.8.03 Faye Jensen, Vancouver BC
12.7.98 Joan Hornal, Vancouver BC
13.7.79 Robert Hornal, Vancouver BC
14.7.72 Corinna Wong, Vancouver BC
15.7.68 Maryellen Gallo, Surrey BC
16.7.36 Michael Sharzer, Vancouver BC
17.7.16 Janneke Noort, Vancouver BC
18.6.87 Barbara Forfellow, Port Coquitlam BC
19.6.51 Tom Jen Kwan, Vancouver BC
20.6.29 Barbara Roche, Whistler BC
20.6.29 Virginia Forrester, Vancouver BC
22.6.20 Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC
23.6.20 Sue Glanville, Surrey BC
23.6.20 Jim Glanville, Surrey BC
25.5.89 Peter Lockwood, Surrey BC
26.5.68 Wenda Hopp, Delta BC
27.5.48 Valerie Wilson, White Rock BC
28.5.40 Dan Branscum, Oak Harbor WA
29.5.37 Marlene Bawn, Blaine WA
29.5.37 Raymond Perell, Langley BC
31.5.18 Adelina Wong-Chor, Vancouver BC
32.5.13 Rosalynd Towgood, Vancouver BC
33.4.90 Susan Moran, Nanaimo BC
33.4.90 Mary Dewar, Nanaimo BC
35.4.41 Dick Snell, White Rock BC
36.4.33 Barry Promislow, Vancouver BC
37.4.30 Adrianne Damgaard, Whistler BC
37.4.30 Shirley Laidlaw, Surrey BC
39.4.27 Karin Phillips, Mission BC
40.4.20 Margaret Stone, Delta BC
40.4.20 Debra Blacklock, Delta BC
42.4.14 Jim Garnier, Maple Ridge BC
43.4.09 Cedric Miller, Surrey BC
43.4.09 Adelaine Miller, Surrey BC
45.3.90 Diana Tchakalian, Vancouver BC
46.3.84 Beverley Corber, Vancouver BC
46.3.84 Janet McKinlay, Vancouver BC
46.3.84 Bonnie Brazier, Delta BC
49.3.74 Marjorie Mandery, Mt Vernon WA
49.3.74 Roger Mandery, Mt Vernon WA

537.24 masterpoints have been won by 199 RRR-eligible people so far in 2013.

 (Players must be paid-up members of the ACBL to be eligible for all ACBL masterpoint races.)

Latest Standings   How It Works   Schedule of RRR-eligible events


How The Rocket Rookie Race works (by McBruce)

Unit 430 has several masterpoint races based on a calendar year's worth of achievement in local competitions:

That's where we were at the end of 2011.  Since 1993, when I first joined the Unit Board, I have been responsible for keeping track of these races.  Before that time it had been done by hand, but by 1993, ACBLScore was two years old, up to the task, and made the job easier once the learning curve was overcome.  Strangely, the scoring part of ACBLScore became the LAST part of the program I learned about when I began directing games: up until that time I had used it for masterpoint races and for the Daily Bulletins I produced at tournaments.

One thing that I had noticed about the Phil Wood Under 200 race became a suggestion that the Unit Board eagerly accepted for 2012 and beyond.  The under-200 race is usually won by someone who seldom plays with another player who is under 200 points.  Usually the winner has spent most of the year in Flight A slugging it out with the Unit's best players, with a partner who is often among them.  And while rewarding new players who have the talent to slug it out with the experts was a good idea in 1974, and still is, there is almost no chance for a player to win the under-200 race by playing with other under-200 players in limited events.

The idea I came up with was to have a race covering all Unit events geared towards newer players, but to only count the masterpoints won by non-Life Masters while playing only with other non-Life Masters.  The Unit supplied the catchy name for the race, and I imagine there was a prize to the winner, but the Unit Board has not yet told me what it is...  Here are the rules:

So there are lots of chances to win RRR points.

And now for the punch line: after nearly two decades of using ACBLScore to figure out the winners in these races, I am now faced with one that ACBLScore will not be able to handle, at least not completely!  The only logical way to work out the leaders in this race is to look at the ACBLScore output, select the RRR-eligible masterpoint awards, record player numbers and masterpoints won in a file, event by event, and let a computer program crunch the numbers together!

Latest Standings   How It Works   Schedule of RRR-eligible events


Here is a list of the RRR-eligible events in 2013:

Rocket Rookie Race-eligible events in 2013 (Completed events in italics, future events in bold):

Latest Standings   How It Works   Schedule of RRR-eligible events